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Wedding trailers
Bethan & Craig
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Bethan & Craig

Emma & Calum
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Emma & Calum

Samantha & Sean
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Samantha & Sean

Jodie & Carter
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Jodie & Carter

Cinematic Wedding Films

We are a Scottish Based wedding company that loves to travel.

What you get as standard:

+ 4 x 4k cameras

+ Wired, wireless mics and external recorders

+ Lighting for that cinematic effect

+ Royalty Free music that is personalised to you

+ Full Ceremony

+ Full Speeches

+ Cake Cutting

+ First dance

+ Your day edited into an incredible, emotional film.

+ 3-5 Minute Cinematic Wedding trailer

+ 30 minute wedding film

+ Cloud storage and personalised cloud account

Capturing your big day from start to finish in a luxury cinematic style you will want to watch over and over again

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full ceremony with audio completed.00_05_46_02.Still006
full ceremony with audio completed.00_00_06_31.Still016
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Pre ceremony groom shots

Pre ceremony groom shots is a great way to see how your partner looked just before you walk down the isle.  When watching your wedding film you will see your partner with their wedding party, their nerves and excitement at waiting for you to arrive.  These are usually moments you never get to see in a polished film.  You will also see guests arriving and taking their seats waiting for you to make the appearance of a lifetime.   These are moments you never get to usually see and when you watch your wedding film for the first time you will be so relieved that these moments were captured in film.

Full ceremony & Speeches with Multi cam footage

Two of the major events at your wedding is the ceremony and speeches, but we also know this is where sound quality becomes critical and we leave nothing to chance.  This is where RobertsonStudios comes into its own, we love cinematic wedding trailers and couple shots but we also know that when it comes to your wedding ceremony you want to hear what the celebrant has to say, your partners vows and any guest readings you may have.  We use high graded audio equipment and mics to ensure that every word is captured on your big day, all parties will have their own personal easily concealed mics to ensure that when you are watching your wedding film you are not left disappointed on the sound quality.  We polish off the audio sound in-house using the very latest in audio software and we don't rely on in-camera mics as low quality sound equipment can pick up surrounding noise that can ruin your viewing experience.  We also use FOUR cameras, three fixed and one floating camera so you are not staring at one angle for 20 minutes or so, this gives you so much more viewing pleasure and allows us to capture family member reactions that you might not see when staring into your partners eyes.

Cinematic trailer and final film

Everyone loves a trailer, if the blockbuster films can have it, why can't you?  Clients love their 3-5 minute wedding trailer as it captures the morning to evening in all its glory, snippets of throughout the day that is captured and personalised specifically for you.  We don't use the same song twice and each piece of music is matched specifically to your wedding trailer.  A wedding trailer is also a must when sharing with your family and friends on social media as they get to see the highlights of the day, while you send your full 30 minute wedding film to close family and friends so they can watch the more intimate parts of your day.  Your wedding film will have the main parts of the day and will be edited to fit into a 30 minute film you can cherish forever.

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Cinematic Wedding Trailer Clip

Lorna & Stephen

I would highly recommend Paul at Robertsonstudios, from even our first call.

The standard of customer service was second to none, not forgetting the amount of effort paul put into our day. Our wedding video is absolutely outstanding and we can’t thank you enough for all your work. Your page doesn’t even begin to show how fantastic your work is.

Again, thanks for everything paul. X

Couple getting married at Meldrum House

Rebeka & Jordan

Well where do I start...

paul & Dylan were absolutely amazing from start to finish, I got recommended from my photographer to try and get Paul for out wedding and I'm so glad he had our date, from the start Paul was great, very good value for money ( they should be charging way more for the quality of work that they produce)

on the day Paul and Dylan were great you actually didn't know they were there so it put me and my husband at total ease, they captured everything and more that we wanted! we honesty couldn't have asked for a better videographer if anyone is thinking of booking Paul and his team DO IT!! you will not regret it at all, remember these memories last a lifetime and I can assure you Paul will make that happen!

thank you both so much again for being part of our special day and making it perfect

Cinematic Wedding Pose of couple

Debbie & Mark

If you are debating about having a videograpgher at your wedding DO IT! How it captures the memories and things missed being caught up in the moments Paul was nothing but friendly, professional and made us feel at complete ease. My husband and I didn't even notice he was there. Our wedding trailer and videos are incredible. Our guests felt comfortable and again commented how they didn't really notice him filming. From our first consultation on zoom even though we were on the beach in our swimmers having just been for a swim in the sea Paul was professional and made us feel at ease! Thanks again Paul for capturing our day


Never lose or damage your wedding film

We know USB memory sticks can get lost, misplaced and even damaged, we also know that should the worst happen and your wedding video company closes you may never get back those cherished memories.  To ensure the protection of your wedding film we use a high quality wedding hosting platform where we will host your wedding film that will allow you to stream, unlimited downloading and sharing link so you can share with all your family at the touch of a button.  You can also create your own free user account that allows you to transfer your wedding film to your own account which will host your wedding film indefinitely.  With changes to technology who knows what storage devices will be used meaning you may have to transfer from device to device.  With digital hosting your wedding film is always accessed via a simple link and never loses visual or audio quality.

Choosing the right videographer

A wedding film is one of the biggest investments you will make when it comes to your wedding.  We also know that there is alot of choice when it comes to picking a suitable videographer for your big day.  When choosing your videographer we say research is king but there is some clues on how good your videographer is and when you are on to the right track.  For instance we never post a picture on social media of how good we are, we post a video, an actual example of our work, in fact we post all our trailer videos on social media for new and existing clients to look at.  We are confident in our work so we don't use pictures, we also don't restrict clients in contracts of what they can and can't post in regards to reviews.  We recommend you not only check reviews on social media but also google reviews too, this can also have a true reflection on the company you are intrusting with your wedding video.  Again asking the company for recommendations from previous clients, good videographers will not pass you on to one but to multiple clients if they are confident in their work.  We also understand that a cheap(er) videographer is an attraction as who doesn't want to save money,  but the saying "you get what you pay for" can really mean this when choosing your videographer.  We spend thousands on the right equipment and software and this reflects in our videos, clients only get one run on choosing the right videographer and even though saving a few hundred can be attractive it might mean your not happy with the final product.  There are a lot of cheaper companies than us out there but also a lot of dearer ones too, we try and find a happy medium to suit all clients budgets while providing the very best we can offer.

Bride walking
Groom prep in the morning


Bride and mother getting ready
Bridal Prep
Father and Daughter First Dance
Drone footage at Drumtochty Castle
Three Dances
Aerial Footage

Your wedding day starts at bridal prep and this is where we can start our day with you, we just don't film you getting ready, we will film all the intricate details that sometimes with time you may forget.   We also film the wedding and bridesmaid dressers and accessories along with the laughter, tears and the building excitement with your loved ones around you.   We also film priceless moments which include dress reveal to family members who will see you in your dress for the first time.  These are moments that will be cherished forever and you will be so pleased they were captured as part of your wedding day film.

We know the first dance is one of the main events of your wedding day, but what about the dances thereafter? With our three dances extra we will cover any daughter/father dance that comes after the first dance and we will try when possible to get everyone onto the dance floor for our final dance take.  This gives you same fantastic footage of everyone on the dance floor at the same time, we know that it is usually near the end of the night with some Dutch courage that the  confidence kicks in that some guests will go onto the dance floor, but on our final dance take we request everyone onto the dance floor so we have all your friends and family dancing the night away.

Aerial footage is a special kind of extra, filmed the right way it can totally transform your wedding video and give it a complete wow factor.  If you are getting married in stunning scenery or in a large venue with grounds, cinematic aerial film showcases your location that you simply can't get from the ground.  As experienced and qualified drone pilots we are also fully insured and with permission from the venue and weather permitting we can carry out drone flights safely and confidently giving you unique footage of your big day.

Bride getting ready at Drumtochty Castle
Extended Wedding Film
Bridal party getting ready and Turin Castle
Sunset with two brides
50 Screen Shots
Fast Track Editing

Who doesn't love an extended wedding video, we can extend your video from 30 minutes to 60 giving you more wedding film footage that covers your entire day.  Should you take bridal prep, aerial footage and the three dances as extras we would highly recommend extending your wedding film to incorporate the additional footage, your extended video will also include more of the ceremony and speeches saving you having to go in and out of menu's on your hosting platform.  The extended video gives you a more seamless viewing experience and is like watching your own personal film.

Every photo you see on our website is taken as a screen shot from the wedding day, we have had a lot of requests from brides that want specific shots that were taken from their video as they either really like the look of how that moment was captured.  50 screen shots are a great way to capture some stills that the photographer may have missed, this could be during bridal prep, ceremony or evening dances.  It is always a great way to add to your wedding day investment.

We do our very best to get all trailers and videos out in a timely fashion as we know you can't wait to see your wedding day on screen, however during the busy season it can take a bit of time to edit all films.  Our fast tracking ensures a quicker turn around, this means we work out of hours to speed up your film completion so you can have your wedding day shared with your friends and family a lot quicker.


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