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We love making films, however not just any film.  We love making films that move you, films that you will cherish forever.  Carefully crafted to make you laugh, cry and want to watch over and over again.  Our wedding films are designed not for just today, but for years to come where you and your family can see you on your big day, hear you laugh, speak your vows and have your first kiss as a married couple.

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Why a wedding Film?

A picture speaks a thousand words but cinematic wedding film brings the memory alive.  You can hear your grandfathers laugh, cry as you watch your father and daughter dance.  The look of wonder that appears on your partners face when they see you on your father arm for the first time, and your smile as you see that look.  There are truly priceless sequences that work much better in a moving, speaking image.


75% of newlyweds regretted not hiring a wedding videographer


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An investment that becomes priceless over time

A cinematic wedding film is one of the best investments you can ever make when organising your wedding and should be top of the list.  There is a few things that remain after your big day, - the rings, the dress, the photos and memories.  But even then memories fade after a short time.  So a cinematic wedding film becomes the one real memory that will last and last, and not only provide a happy reminder of all the parts of the day that might be forgotten, but will fill in a lot of the day you didn't even get to see.  So, as an expense, a wedding film might be 5-10% of your total spend, but a month after your wedding it becomes the thing you are most happy about spending your money on and becomes more priceless as time goes by.

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Sound that drives emotion

As well as your video being professionally colour graded and corrected we use music and sound that completes your story, and every wedding is different.  We use music from libraries of licensed tracks which are catchy, emotive and specifically chosen for your video.  We use professional Mics which capture the vows and speeches then carefully edited to bring out the very best in audio quality ensuring you get the very best out of your wedding film.

What is a Wedding Film Without Quality Audio?

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